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Sorry about the disappearance

I didn't mean to disappear for the entire month of April. I've been really sick and haven't been online as much. The last week of last month I was also without power because of the tornadoes that hit the northern part of my state.

Challenges 62 and 63 still need more entries, so I'll extend them 1 more week.

Again, I am really sorry that I disappeared.
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Write for Relief – Fandom Charity Fundraiser

Lisa posted a link to this post that was started to help raise funds for the Japan earthquake aid relief.  This post allows folks to donate money ($5) to a charity and receive some attention given to their favorite ship or fandom that gets less attention.

Other ways you can help:

If you can do something, please find a way to help.

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Challenge #62: Black Tie Occasion

Welcome to Challenge #62: Black Tie Occasion

First of all, let me say hi. endlessdeep let me adopt this community from her, so I hope I can live up to the standard that was set by her.  Next, I thought that since award season is drawing to a close, the first challenge that we should do this year is for Alexander at black tie events. I've provided several images, but you are more than welcome to use other images.  (Please just make sure that they are from a black tie event.)

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